Here you will find the best free backup software. Free backup software is what you think. Completely free software that manually backs up important data on your computer’s hard drive, such as disks, flash drives, network drives, etc. Can be used automatically or automatically. This was the best way to get into commercial backup programs as it was the only way to get features like advanced scheduling, disk and partition cloning, incremental backups, and more. Not anymore! Some of the best backup software tools do everything in expensive programs.

If you are looking for a basic Windows backup tool to store important files locally, you won’t have to go far. We have a list of backup software for you. In fact, you can download your favourite backup software to suit your needs. Backup software helps you make copies of files, databases and hard drives that prevent your data from being lost. When this data is lost, the software restores the original contents.

List of top 15 backup software’s are following.

  1. Cyber Backup
  3. Synology Active Backup for Business
  4. Backblaze
  5. Carbonite
  6. Novabackup
  7. Genie9
  8. AOMEI
  9. Unitrends
  10. Retrospect
  11. Ivybackup
  12. O&O DiskImage Professional
  13. Ashampoo
  14. Idrive
  15. Backup4all