If you are looking for desktop tools for your operating system, you can find the best desktop tools for your mobile, computer and Mac.

But where to start? However, there is almost no end to the number of tools offered for Windows desktops. To help guide your own search for the best free tools available for Windows, here you can see all types of desktop tools for your operating system, and general Windows users and colleagues. Because it can really help Windows users work faster.

Looking for better ways to create video, audio and images? Want a list of accessories?

#1: Listen Notes

The Trim feature lets you translate, save, and share audio clips from podcast episodes. To create a clip while listening, click on the scissors icon to set the start and end time, and then select Create Clip.

#2: Quik for mobile

If you choose music for your video, the content in the video is combined with instant music. When the beat or music style changes, the sync feature automatically changes the image or video. Quick also offers lots of changes, graphics, fonts, and filters.

#3: Twodio

Tovido is a free iOS app that enables you to tweet recorded audio. To use the app, you must first use Twitter. Then just press the button to record the audio for 30 seconds

#4: Lumen5

When you need to resubmit online articles as a video, try Lumen5, a free Brown-based app used on desktop computers. And turns this article into a slideshow.

#5: Easil

Estelle is a browser-based tool with professional search templates for Instagram and Facebook stories. This tool is especially helpful if you are not a graphic designer.

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