Your Mac is as good as you use it. There is no point in trying to write the next great American novel with a text edit or limiting chess to all your entertainment needs. With thousands of apps available, how do you get the good stuff? Well, we have a solution for you. On our website, you will find all kinds of Mac software for free. You can download it as per your need and for free. Obviously, this may not be a complete list, but it is a good place.

Mac applications are usually available in one of two places: The Mac App Store or the developer’s website. Because Apple charges 30% off any app sold in the App Store, many developers are reluctant to use it, which makes things a bit more complicated for iOS.

Here is the following list of mac software.

  1. OneNote
  2. Evernote
  3. GoogleDrive
  4. Dropbox
  5. TextExpander
  6. aText
  7. Alfred
  8. Skype
  9. Tweetbot
  10. Slack
  11. Airmail
  12. Microsoft Office
  13. Ulysses
  14. Photos
  15. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  16. Pixelmator
  17. VLC
  18. Spotify
  19. Steam
  20. BackBlaze
  21. Amphetamine
  22. Bartender 3
  23. Hazel
  24. Keyboard Maestro
  25. BetterTouchTool
  26. TotalSpaces2
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