There are many Windows apps that make it difficult to choose the best, most installed software for your desktop or laptop. Here you will find all kinds of Windows applications for your laptop and computer and it is free. We combine all categories, such as productivity  internet and communication, Music, photos and videos and utilities

Here is a list of free windows applications.

  1. Firefox

If you have not switched to Firefox for your web browsing needs, do it now. It prevents annoying popups and has many amazing plugins that can make it even better than surfing the web.

  1. Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an email client that runs five main things: it’s free, it’s full-featured, it’s lightweight and fast, it has a unique filter, and it’s clearly a hint.

  1. Sunbird

Also mention Sunbird and delete the Mozilla Foundation’s calendar program, Mozilla Tricia. It is easy and convenient to use your calendar with others.

  1. Abiword

AbiWord is the preferred option. It is lightweight and includes every feature. In addition, it can save files in formats that allow you to exchange with Word and WordPress users and open any of these files.

  1. OpenOffice

If you want to replace the rest of the office, your best bet is OpenOffice. This includes great sites for Excel and PowerPoint. In fact, I prefer Excel and its alternatives over PowerPoint.

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